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Continuous handling systems for palletized loads

The experience of a manufacturer

With more than 3,000 completed projects in computer-integrated material handling in many areas of activity, Marceau designs, manufactures and installs your continuous handling system for palletized loads.

Our innovative design offices

Our mechanical engineering and automatic handling design offices can integrate all your weight, rate, temperature, cleanliness and traceability constraints.

This capacity for innovation in automatic handling is reflected in particular by the creation of registered trademarks such as that of the Masterpal® pallet inspection system and the Montepal® pallet lift.

A totally adaptable scalable range

Each module, option, or accessory in our automatic conveying range is totally adaptable and customizable according to your requirements.

Our experience in intralogistics, combined with our ability to adapt and our reactivity, allow us to modulate our standard machines to adapt them to your specific industrial conveying needs.

From the module to the overall project

From the simple standard roller conveyor to the turnkey continuous handling line, our technicians in mechanical engineering, automation and industrial computing will bring you all the Marceau savoir faire.

70 years of experience and specific constraints

Founded in 1946, Marceau has been working for many years with the biggest names of the agro-food, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, and the large retail chains and logistics specialists.

The savoir-faire in continuous handling, reactivity, capacity for innovation, flexibility and the experience acquired over several decades, enable MARCEAU to respond to your needs in industrial conveying.

Continuous handling systems for palletized loads

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