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Our shuttles / transfers allow you to create a link between multiple pallet conveyor lines.

Developed, designed and manufactured by Marceau, our shuttles / transfers are always adapted according to your needs.

The main characteristics of our shuttles / transfers are:

  • Fabricated welded chassis
  • Finishing: painted steel, hot galvanized steel or all stainless steel version
  • Handling height: from 100 mm
  • Maximum load per pallet: 2 tonnes (MARCEAU standard)
  • Capacity: 1 to 12 pallets
  • Travel speed: Up to 150 m/min. as standard
  • Guide rails:
    • Set into the floor
    • Fixed on the floor
  • Power supply possible by:
    • Induction
    • Cable carrier chain
    • Daisy chain
  • Safety by:
    • Laser scanners
    • Foam pads
    • Safety edges

Our shuttle / transfers can be equipped with:

  • CRM80 or CRM100 roller conveyors
  • CCM100 chain conveyors
  • TTCM100 or TTRM100 turntables
  • CBM100 modular belt conveyors
  • Telescopic forks
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