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Pallet inspection is the step that precedes pallet sorting.

The Masterpal® pallet inspection system developed and manufactured by Marceau, is adapted according to your needs for precise inspection.

The Masterpal® can perform inspection of empty or full pallets. Whether it is at the start of the production line or upstream of the loading docks, the Masterpal® pallet inspection system adapts to your needs.

The inspection of empty pallets consists among other things of checking:

  • The presence and/or the integrity of the upper planks and the skids
  • The fixing of the skids
  • The presence of the side and/or central blocks
  • The strength, colour, and/or the humidity of the pallet

The inspection of full pallets consists among other things of checking:

  • The dimensions of the pallets and/or the loads
  • The pallet weight and load
  • The reading of the labels (bar code, RFID, etc.)
  • The overhang of the load
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