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The management of automation and industrial IT allows MARCEAU to provide complete solutions to its customers.

With its great technical expertise, our design office is at your disposal to perform:

  • Functional analyses
  • Risk analyses
  • Organic analyses
  • Wiring diagrams
  • PLC programmes
  • MMI terminal programmes

The various skills of our technicians allow us to respond to a wide range of requirements, including choices of equipment (SCHNEIDER, SIEMENS, ALLEN BRADLEY, OMRON, etc. PLCs).

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Our method of automation programming allows you to: 

  • Select a mode of operation (manual, automatic, etc.)
  • Control manual operation
  • View the operating modes (automatic, manual, initialization phase, etc.)
  • View the positions of the pallets on your automated conveying installation
  • View / modify pallet inspection (information associated with each pallet)
  • View the status of the sensors and actuators
  • View the active grafcet steps to facilitate maintenance operations

Our automation / IT design office is always at your disposal to satisfy your expectations and needs.

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