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The Marceau® pallet store is designed and manufactured according to your needs; it is designed to guarantee safety for operators and improve the quality of storage of batteries of pallets.

Thanks to the Marceau® pallet store, accidents involving personal injury caused by the manual handling of pallets are avoided.

Main features:

  • Painted steel, hot galvanized steel or stainless steel frame
  • Single or double depth
  • Mono-format 1,200 x 800 ; 1,200 x 1,000 (other formats possible)
  • Destacking and / or stacking function
  • Piles of 10 to 30 pallets
  • Rates up to 100 pallets/hour
  • Loading by pallet truck or forklift truck
  • Usage environments: normal, cold room, ATEX area, humid area, etc.

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The main advantages of the Marceau® pallet store:

  • To protect users against the risk of falling when lifting a palette manually
  • To protect operators from back problems and injuries due to splinters and nails, linked to the manual handling of pallets
  • To limit the movement of forklift trucks in the production and storage areas, allowing each user to supply his / her workstation with a pallet truck
  • To feed production lines and work stations at high rates
  • To improve storage capacity and limit pallet breakage

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