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The Marceau automatic pallet stacker is installed at the end of the production line; it is the final step before the storage or the shipment of your products.

Marceau offers two solutions to optimize your storage and shipping: 

  • Stacking of full pallets with the same dimensions (saving space in the storage area, optimization of the truck load on shipment)
  • Stacking of 2 half-pallets on a mother pallet or captive palette (strengthening of the pallet under the product, storage in the stacker crane, simplification of dispatching on shipping)

With the Marceau system, your pallet is systematically framed before stacking to ensure perfect alignment of the load.

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This machine is designed and built according to the Marceau standards, and developed according to your needs:

  • Painted steel, stainless steel or hot galvanised chassis  
  • The element is equipped with two or four gripper forks with an anti-crush safety system on removal
  • Machine designed to be incorporated into with our standard conveyors

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